Welcome to Vic's Flicks

...... and the World of Classic Movies!

This website is dedicated to all those movie buffs who love classic movies from 1900 to 1980.

Vic’s Flicks is a not-for-profit organisation. It’s aim is to bring the Classic Movies of the Golden Age of Hollywood to a special group of people and it does this free of charge.  

Vic’s Flicks aim is to assists Local Councils, Life Style Co-ordinators and Carers at  aged care services, nursing homes, retirement villages and the like to present these classic movies on a big screen. It does this free of charge and provides it's services, it's fully tested equipment and it's very large movie collection.

Click on the link: Vic's Flicks. This is what we do.

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At present Vic's Flicks is screening monthly movies with the assistance of the Pascoe Vale South Uniting Church. These movies are restricted to adults and those that have some form of disability, and they are free. 

Our elderly audience are the ones who can appreciate and who deserve to enjoy these great old movies. We do not show movies to the general public. Please note that the responsibility for showing the movies and the welfare of the residents lies with the facility/organisation where the movie is being shown and the appropriate level of staff must be provided at all times.

Vic’s Flicks has one simple aim and that is to make the lives of the elderly a bit happier and give them the opportunity to enjoy the movies they remember.

Movies from America, England and Australia make up the bulk of our collection.

The Golden Age of Hollywood has produced some great classic movies. We have a large range of movies across all genres from Action and Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Film Noir, Horror, Musical, Sci-Fi, and Western to romance. All movies have been donated or purchased in Australia or overseas. Some are rare classics and some were purchased as a VHS and converted to DVD for easy showing. The collection also includes some silent movies.

We are continuously adding to our collection so if anyone would like to donate old movies that are in good order please let us know. The movies are usually shown on a large 8ft (approx 2.4 mts) screen so the quality needs to be good. But before you post you movies to us you need to note that we reside in Melbourne, Australia.

There are not many theatres that show these classic movies anymore and even if they did the residents of aged care facilities would find it difficult to attend. Thus Vic’s Flicks brings Hollywood to the Community! That is our aim and that is our passion.

So welcome to VIC’s Flicks and let’s sit back, relax and enjoy a good movie.